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Celebrity Tattletales is based on a U.S. format just simply called Tattletales where three married celebrity couples tried to win money for their rooting sections. The show was axed just after three months on the air.


The game was played in two halves: in each half, one half of the couples (all of the same sex) wore headphones and sat in an enclosed room on the left of the set and were being viewed by television monitors while the other half sat behind the playing desk in front of the audience.

Each spouse in turn answered the question. Then after each spouse gave an answer, the isolated mates gave their own answers and if they matched, they won money for their rooting section. Each question had a pot of $60 with the money split between two or all three couples if they get it right. If all three match they score $20, if two of the couples matched they score $30, but if only one couple matched that couple won the entire pot. If no couple made a match, the money was carried over into the next question. Six questions (three in each half) were asked with the roles reversed after the first round, and the final question was worth double or $120 to the only couple who matched, $60 for two couples, and $40 for all three.

All three "rooting sections" (one-third of the studio audience, divided into the colors of red, yellow and blue) divided the money their respective couples won for them. The couple with the most money at the end of the show won the game. Unlike in America, there was no bonus for the winning couple.


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