Diarmid Heidenreich (1997–1998)
Adrian DeVito & Zoe Sheridan (1998)
Nine Network: 10 February 1997 – 13 June 1998

Challenger was a short-lived Australian children's game show that aired on the Nine Network in 1997 and 1998. The first host was Diarmid Heidenreich famous for playing Dougie the pizza delivery guy in the Pizza Hut commercials from 1993-1996. After he left the show in early 1998 he was replaced by new hosts Adrian DeVito and Zoe Sheridan. Adrian DeVito and Zoe Sheridan continued to film 265 episodes before the show was superseeded with a return of Now You See It.


The format of the show had two teams (Alpha & Omega) with three children a side. The teams consisted of a captain and two other members.

Round 1Edit

The highest scoring team dictating which team would undertake the challenges first. During Diarmid's run, the questions were divided into six different categories, spanning a range of different genres and the first round did not have a name. With Adrian and Zoe's run, the questions were grouped into three categories and the segment was named Mind Zone. At the end of each round, the winning team were allowed to decide who would undertake the physical challenges first.

The categories for Diarmid's run were: Cosmix (random), Geography, Entertainment, Language, Nature and Sport. The categories were randomly selected for each contestant, however 20 bonus points were awarded if the categories were the same for each contestant. There were three questions per team.

The categories for Adrian/Zoe's run were: It's a What?, Position Yourself and Pick Your Face. These all consisted of "who/what/where am I" questions and there was only one question per round.

Round 2Edit

The second part of the show involved each team member attempting a separate challenge to earn points. In the original run, some of the challenges involved getting a certain number of a particular object, or reaching a certain goal to earn points through questions. When Adrian and Zoe took over, some of the challenges remained, but the focus was now on getting discs in order to get the questions and the discs were random questions rather than specific categories. For the challenges, see List Of Challenges. For each correct question, there were 10 points. If you had all 6 discs/pieces, you received 20 bonus points if you got them all right. Throughout the entire show's run, the teams (or contestants) had 40 seconds per challenge. This is repeated with an another team.

Final RoundEdit

The final round found the team leaders in glass containers below a slime showerhead. One of their team-mates would be blindfolded, whilst the other would have their hands tied. The 4 teammates would them look through a blue vat of slime for a disc with a question in it. Whichever team got the disc had the choice to either answer the question themselves, or have the other team answering the question. The team that got the question right would get 50 points and the losing team's captain would be slimed. Occasionally, both captains were slimed.

During Diarmid's run, the lever to operate the "slime" (a mud-coloured liquid) was pulled by someone unseen. During Adrian and Zoe's run, the lever was pulled by Adrian, who would often make faces at the camera (the slime went between a green-yellow colour and a blue colour, which would vary in episodes). When Adrian and Zoe hosted, the segment (and the tank) were renamed "Hyperflush."

List Of ChallengesEdit

The challenges in this show all had a physical element to them. Most involved collecting discs (or in the case of Go Ballistic, balls) to gain points by answering questions, while some involved merely connecting up pieces in order to earn points. During Diarmid's run, an explanation of each of the challenges was shown prior to the first team attempting each challenge. During Adrian and Zoe's run, the explanation was done after the Mind Zone round.

  • Oblivion – People went through mazes with revolving door mirrors on them. One contestant who is not in the maze will need to communicate the contestant who is on the maze for directions.
  • Pro-Pole-sion – Contestants would swing on different coloured poles trying to grab discs that were stuck to the poles. These poles were suspended in the air and had a metal foothold on the bottom, making it difficult (but not impossible) for contestants to use both feet.
  • The Sphere – The contestant was spun in an orb. Upon being released they had to pop balloons to find discs. Some of the balloons also contained other substances such as flour.
  • Vertically Challenged – Contestants would climb up a wall whilst trying to retrieve discs on the way. At the top of the wall, they could search a UFO for further discs. Keeping in with the theme of the show, the wall had a volcano effect painted over it. While some of the holes contained discs, others would contain shaving cream or flour.
  • Go Ballistic – One contestant would stand in a rocket with smoke whilst plastic balls were rained on them from above. They had to obtain up to 6 red balls.
  • Big Squeeze – One contestant would wear a fat suit and run through an obstacle course to collect discs.
  • Schwing It – This game consisted of an obstacle course involving the following elements: flying fox (over a smoke-filled pit), chain link bridge (over a yellow mat), monkey rings and a smoke filled pit. (some of the discs were hung ON the rings, requiring the contestant to hang one-handed while retrieving the disc) After the contestant completed the course, he/she was able to search the smoke pit (if there was time)
  • The Pipe Line – One contestant would be on top of a ladder and undo pipe pieces from the roof and the two remaining would try to attach the pipes to the holes in a series of vertically hanging pipes.
  • Rampage – One of the team members attached to a bungee line and required to run forward up a half pipe to grab discs.


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