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Malcolm Searle (1960-1963)
Roland Strong (1963-1971)
Janet Mead
Beverly Robbins
Roland Strong (1960-1963)
Max Rowley (1963-1971)
Coles $6,000 question
Seven Network: 1960-1971
HSV-7 Melbourne

Coles £3000/$6000/$7000 Question was an Australian quiz show that's somewhat based on The $64,000 Question from America.


Contestants first chose a subject category. The contestant would then be asked questions only in the chosen category, earning money which doubled as the questions became more difficult. The contestant had to answer three questions to earn £24. Then then had the option to leave with the money, or return each week for only one question. The next question was worth £200, then £400, £800, then £1500 and finally £3000.

Starting with the second question, they were placed in the "isolation booth", where they could hear nothing but the host's words. As long as the contestant kept answering correctly, they could stay on the show until they had won £3000. They could quit at any time and retire with their money, but if they got either of the first two questions wrong, they were eliminated with a consolation prize. Missing the third question awarded a random prize, either £50, a £200 prize, or the contestant could skip a prize level. Missing the fourth to seventh won a larger prize such as a boat or car.

When pounds were converted to dollars on 14 February 1966, accordingly, the top prize changed to $6000, increased to $7000 in July 1971).

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