$25,000 Great Temptation

Great Temptation (originally titled New World Temptation and later Temptation) was the first Australian version of Sale of the Century, in which contestants competed in a beat-the-buzzer trivia competition, with scores equaling "dollars" which contestants could use to buy prizes at greatly reduced prices.

Temptation first aired as a weekday afternoon game show in 1970. About two years into its run, the show was moved to a 7pm nighttime slot (coincidentally the same timeslot used for Sale of the Century) under the title of Great Temptation (later $25,000 Great Temptation). Not long after, Tony Barber received the 1973 Gold Logie for his hosting of Great Temptation.

In 1974, Great Temptation was moved to an 8:30pm timeslot to compete with Australian drama Number 96. Unfortunately, Number 96 won the ratings battle, so Great Temptation was eventually cancelled in 1975.


Seven Network 1970-1975


Tony Barber


Barbie Rogers

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HSV7 $25,000 Great Temptation 1972

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