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Have You Been Paying Attention
Network Ten: 3 November 2013 - present
Working Dog Productions

Have You Been Paying Attention? (stylised on-screen as Have you been paying attention?) is a topical quiz show with a mix of news and comedy. It is broadcast weekly on Network Ten.


Described as a fast-paced, funny look at international affairs, politics, sport and show-business news, the series quizzes five guests to see who can remember the most about events of the week.

Scores are shown on screen for most of the episode, with the exception of the Rapid Recall round. Correct answers add points to a contestant's score, but points are not deducted for incorrect answers.

Regular segments Edit

  • General subject segments: News events from the past week which can be grouped into the categories of Showbiz or Sport
  • Guest Quizmasters segment: Often about ten questions in length at each interval in the program. The questions are usually related to the guest quizmaster (e.g. a contestant from The Bachelor asking questions regarding events which occurred on the series)
  • Rapid Recall: A quick-fire last round requiring contestants to answer as quickly as possible as the segment is timed. This is the only segment where the scores are not shown on screen.

Varying segments Edit

  • Over or Under: Each contestant watches a clip from RBT (an Australian factual program which shows breath-test and drug-driving results) and must guess whether the driver in question was under or over the legal alcohol limit (0.05 per cent, per Australian law)
  • Trash or Treasure: Each contestant watches a clip from the British version of Antiques Roadshow and must guess if the item presented is "trash" (under £1,000) or "treasure" (£1,000 or more)
  • Going, Going, Gone: A series of questions asked about items being auctioned off, and what they were used for or who used them
  • Either/Or: The original variation of the above three and is used primarily to test the contestants' understanding of complicated (or amusing) names in the news.
  • Identify These International Versions of Well Known Reality TV Formats: Each contestant individually watches a short clip of an international version of a well known reality television format. Contestants are awarded 10 points for correctly guessing the format and 10 points if they can guess the country the clip is from (e.g. if a clip from the Israeli version of Survivor was shown, a contestant would receive 10 points for answering Survivor and/or 10 points for answering Israel).
  • Celebrity Questions: Added in 2016, a celebrity asks a set of questions based on them or their work. Similar to the Guest Quizmasters segment in nature

Contestants Edit

As of the end of the show's fifth season in 2016, Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang have appeared on the most episodes (87 and 81 respectively).

Other regulars or semi-regulars have included, among others:

  • Jane Kennedy (29 appearances to the end of 2016)
  • Celia Pacquola (26 appearances)
  • Mick Molloy (20 appearances)
  • Glenn Robbins (18 appearances)
  • Kate Langbroek (18 appearances)
  • Dave Hughes (15 appearances)
  • Marty Sheargold (11 appearances)
  • Cal Wilson (10 appearances)
  • Kitty Flanagan (9 appearances)
  • Peter Helliar (9 appearances)


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