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Not to be confused with ($25,000/$50,000) Letterbox

This Letterbox was a children's game show focusing on spelling & grammar.


Three child contestants competed throughout the course of a week in a word game of spelling & grammar. They played a series of rounds where they used their stylus pens and their touchscreens to spell words and placing words & letters in the right spots. Each correct placement was worth five points and the first player to successfully complete the round scored a bonus of 10 points.


  • Pick & Spell - A teaser clue was given, then the players were shown a picture and another clue, followed by a series of blank boxes representing the number of letters in the word. The players had 30 seconds to complete the word one letter at a time.
  • Alphabubbles - A teaser clue was given, then the players were shown a series of bubbles containing letters. To find and choose a letter, they had to heat touch a bubble containing a letter they thought is right, and drag it to the letterbox area. The players had 45 seconds to complete the word one letter at a time.
  • Rong! - The players were given three words, all of which were spelled wrong. They had 45 seconds to spell those words right.
  • Word it Out - A sentence with four blank spaces representing missing words was shown. The players had 45 seconds to place the right words in the right spots.
  • Word Count - This was always the last round of the game. The players were faced with a wordsearch grid. They had 60 seconds to find four words. After any player searched the words, four bonus words appeared and they had to find those. The first four words were worth 10 points each and the bonus words were worth double for 20 points for a grand total of 120 points.

Points earned by the contestants were accumulative throughout the week. The player with the most points at the end of the week won a prize.

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