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Grant Denyer (2013)
Simon Reeve (2014-2015)
Million Dollar Minute
Seven Network (Daytime):

16 September 2013-11 September 2015

Million Dollar Minute is a million dollar quiz show that plays very similar to Sale of the Century. The program has been replaced by the incumbent Australian import of The Chase or better known as The Chase Australia.


Main GameEdit

To start the game, the three players were spotted 15 points. Host Simon asked a series of questions and the first player to buzz-in has a chance to answer, but only one person can answer each question. Each correct answer adds five points to his/her score, but each incorrect answer deducts five points from his/her score.

Along the way, the player in the lead could forfeit some points (maybe his/her lead) and receive thousands of dollars in cash. Unlike Sale he/she doesn't need to buzz in. If there's a tie, then that's when a buzz-in is required.


In this round, Simon asks a visual multiple choice question. The first player to buzz-in and choose the correct answer will then decide to either add points to his/her score or take some money home.


An out-of-focus photo is hidden behind three pieces and a question related to the picture is asked and the contestants are shown three possible answers. As this round progresses, the picture is revealed one piece at a time.

Three PicturesEdit

Three related pictures are shown and the players must decide which one answers the question.

Two Snapshots are played each night.

Final RoundEdit

In the final round, all questions are worth double (10 points). Incorrect answers this time around locks the wrong answer player out of the next question but no point penalty. This round is played in an unmentioned time limit (since determined to be 90 seconds), and the player with the most points at the end of the game is the champion and goes on to play the Million Dollar Minute Round for a progressive jackpot.

Million Dollar Minute (Bonus Round)Edit

The champion has one minute (60 seconds) to answer five multiple choice questions. On each question, the player must decide quickly which of three possible answers is the correct answer. Once all five questions have been answered, they are checked one at a time in random order. Each time an answer is right, the number of the appropriate question turns from red to gold. And if he/she gets all five right, the champion wins the round.

When losing the round, the champion automatically returns tomorrow to try for the same jackpot again. And when winning the round, the champion will decide to either keep the jackpot offered in that round plus any safe money won up to that point, or return tomorrow and try for a bigger jackpot on the way to $1,000,000. And here's how the money grows:

Night Prize
1 $20,000
2 $50,000
3 $75,000
4 $100,000
5 $200,000
6 $300,000
7 $500,000
8 $750,000
9 $1,000,000

It takes nine bonus round wins in a row to win the million. In the 2014/15 seasons, both the $75,000 and $300,000 levels are a safe level. Any contestant who reached this point on their way to the million dollars is guaranteed to walk away with at least $75,000 or $300,000 in addition to any safe money earned during the contestants time on the show. This makes the road to a million worth 9 steps, and its progressive money tree imitates that of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

The show also added a $750,000 level in November 2014. The show has been cancelled and its 468th and final episode aired on September 11th, 2015.

YouTube LinksEdit

Premiere Show
3 October 2013
Dominic vs. Jenny vs. Tim
4 March 2014 (Brydon's Massive Cash Windfall)
23 March 2014 (Celebrity Show)
Alex's Second Chance at $300,000
15 April 2014 Michael vs. Lyn vs. Kevin

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