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Eddie McGuire
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Nine Network: 20 April 2009-present

A fast paced spin-off of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, six contestants go head to head to try and win $1,000,000.


Designed to be a faster-paced game than the original format, the show involves six contestants each taking turns. the traditional three lifelines are replaced by a single "pass", which can pass the current question to the next contestant in line (who cannot "pass" the question further). Each question is also given a time limit, with 15 seconds allocated for the first five questions, 30 for the middle five and 45 for the last five. if a player fails to give out an answer in the time limit, it is considered an automatic "pass". If that particular question cannot be passed on, that player is eliminated and the highest value available is removed. The game ends either when all contestants are eliminated or when the question for the highest value in the money tree is answered. If the last question is answered correctly, the player receives the amount of money. However, if the player answers the question incorrectly or not answered in time, then the last player to be eliminated receives either nothing (which means nobody receives the prize money for that show) or $1,000 if the 5th question milestone is reached. Only questions 5, and 10-15 are worth money, the other values on the money tree are worthless.

The Money TreeEdit

The amounts go up as follows:

  1. "$100" ($0)
  2. "$200" ($0)
  3. "$300" ($0)
  4. "$500" ($0)
  5. $1,000
  6. "$1,500" ($0)
  7. "$2,500" ($0)
  8. "$4,000" ($0)
  9. "$6,000" ($0)
  10. $10,000
  11. $20,000
  12. $50,000
  13. $100,000
  14. $250,000
  15. $1,000,000

Board GameEdit

A Board Game based on Millionaire Hot Seat was made by UGames.

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