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Tim Campbell
Number Caller
Renee Bargh
Tanveer Ahmed
National Bingo Night Australia
Seven Network: 21 October 2007 - 25 November 2007
Fox World Australia
7 Network

National Bingo Night (also known as National Bingo! Night) was based on the short-lived U.S. format of the same name although this version didn't fare any better here. Each week there is a contestant and a studio audience plus the "at-home" viewers trying to win money.


The contestant is playing for $50,000 while each member of the studio audience is playing for $5,000. The first to get bingo wins the money, if someone in the audience gets bingo before the contestant does, then the audience member will get the cash while the contestant gets nothing.

Brochure Edit



Official Website (via Internet Archive)

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