Greg Evans (1984-1986, 1988-1989)
Cameron Daddo (1987-1988)
Shelley Craft (2002)
Debbie Newsome (1984-1985)
Tiffany Lamb (1986)
Kerrie Friend (1987-1989)
Max Rowley (1984-1988)
Bruce Mansfield (1989)
Ross Geddes (2002)
Dexter the Robot (1984-1989)
Argo (voiced by Jamie Dunn/2002)
Perfect Match 1984
Perfect match
Network Ten: 1984-1989
L PerfectMatch AUS 2002
Seven Network: 2002
Grundy Organization

Perfect Match was a classic Australian dating game show that was a cross between formats of The Dating Game and Love Connection from the U.S. and Blind Date from the U.K. respectively.


A contestant chooses from one of the three bachelors or bacherlorettes with the couple then coming back the next week to talk about how they got on.

1980's PicsEdit

2002 PicsEdit

Lyrics to the Theme SongEdit

Like peaches and cream
And a coach and her team
Like sand and the seas
And the birds and the bees
Like a oyster and a pearl
And a guy and a girl
What have you got?
You got a Perfect,
Perfect Match!!
It's a Perfect Match!!


Two Perfect Match board games were released at the time.

(Perfect Match Game)Edit

The first edition was released by The I Q Company in 1985 featuring Greg Evans, Kerrie Friend and Dexter the Robot on the cover. The aim of this version was to collect four compatible Dexter Cards (one from each selection (i.e. head, body, legs & feet) to complete your "Perfect Match" (i.e. the right head on the right body etc.). 

On your way to meeting your "Perfect Match" you'll be revealing to the other players the real you. You'll be asking questions about your friends' personalities, as well as answering ones about yourself. You'll really get to know who you're playing with as you collect, blind date and swap your way to your "Perfect Match".

(The New Electronic Perfect Match Game)Edit

An "Electronic" version of the board game featuring Greg Evans on the cover was released by JNH Toys in 1986.

New Zealand VersionEdit

A short-lived TV3 version, hosted by Butch Bradley and Tiffany Baragwanath, aired from 1989 until 1990.

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