Broadcast HistoryEdit

Seven Network: 1957-1971


Bob & Dolly Dyer


Two contestants participated in a five question trivia quiz, with the second contestant wearing soundproof headphones while the first is being questioned. The contestant who has more correct answers, is invited to choose from one of a number of boxes. Without disclosing the box's content (which could either be a valuable prize or a booby prize) Bob offers the contestant a cash payment in lieu of the prize. Here appears one of the program's catch phrases (The Money or The Box) to increase the risk/suspense, he sometimes offers increasing amounts of cash to contestants who's chosen the box. After receiving the cash or prize, contestants have the option of leaving the show undefeated or returning to play for more prizes at the risk of losing those already won.


The programs format was revivied and failed twice in the 80's as Ford Superquiz with Bert and Patti Newton in 1981 and as Superquiz with Mike Walsh and Deborah Hutton in 1989.