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Grant Denyer & Chrisse Swan
Chris Edmund
The Great Australian Spelling Bee
The Great Austrlian Spelling Bee Season 2
Network Ten/Eleven: 3 August 2015 - 17 September 2016
Shine Australia

The Great Australian Spelling Bee is a reality spelling game show where contestants (mainly children) are required to spell presented words which vary in their degree of difficulty.


In order to advance, each speller must display a combination of speed, skills and smarts to deconstruct words many have never even heard of, let alone spelt. In the ultimate showdown between little kids and big words. Spellers will attempt to qualify for the competition via age based rounds of a traditional spelling bee. However, only the top twenty six (one for every letter of the alphabet) will advance.

Only the top four spellers will earn the right to spell for glory in "The Ultimate Spelling Bee", a traditional rules spelling bee in which only one speller will be crowned champion.


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