Bob Moore
Seven Network: 1972-1973

Based on a U.S. format of the same name, three contestants competed to determine who could answer the most true-or-false questions in one of three categories.


Same as the U.S. version along with its set. However, the question and board values were divided by ten; meaning each pot was worth $1 per number of question. Also, the prize board was played as a standard end game; with a vacation as the top prize.


The show was dubbed as "Australia's first colour game show" even though most Australian shows were still in black and white during that time.


Main - "Happy Girl" by Alan Hawkshaw


Based on the American game show of the same name by Bob Stewart

YouTube LinksEdit

Parts of a May 1973 episode
Part of the opening and Round 1
Bonus Round and Closing of the show

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