Tony Johnston
Time masters logo 1996
Seven Network: 1996-1998

Time Masters was a kid's game show hosted by Tony Johnston from 1996-98 on the Seven Network. In 1998, the show ended and renamed the show Wipeout also hosted by Johnston.

In all seasons at the beginning Tony would meet the two teams of two schoolkids.

Season OneEdit

Round One - Brain StrainEdit

Each team were asked questions and then had to negotiate an obstacle course of "The Wobbly Planks" then round a corner and go into "The Groove Tube" to get to a board at the top of the course and hit one of the six possible answers and had 60 seconds to get as many as possible. Then repeated with the other team.

Round TwoEdit

This round consisted of a Concentration style word puzzle clue which spelled out the answer needed and one player from each team would run from one end of the studio to the other collecting plastic balls with letters printed on them, while the other would arrange them in the correct order. In a race to the finish

Round ThreeEdit

Was usually an Arcade Driving Game; the closest placed to first won.

Season Two & ThreeEdit

In the second season the show was re-jigged somewhat.

Round One - Slam DunkEdit

Instead of Brain Strain was Slam Dunk. One player would sit out that round. Again with 6 answers to choose from the player was now charged with throwing the basketball through the corresponding hoop number to get the question right. A member from the rival school (but not one of the players) would be bought on and sit in the SLAM DUNK chair and if the player managed to get all 6 answers correct they would be dunked into a vat of water.

Round Two - ScrambleEdit

A prototype Go Go Stop board. The player who sat out the first game is bought in to play this one. It was 5 squares across by 9 high with the task being get to the top as quick as possible by answering a series of questions each time you hit a blocking square.

Round ThreeEdit

Again it was usually an Arcade Driving Game; the closest placed to first won.


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